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Slide Your friendly & neighbourly hosting provider If you are looking to start either small or big, we are here offering tailored solutions for your website or app. v d v c

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Slide p v Reliable x m v n Always there when you need us Whatever issue arises, and whenever it arises our team of reliable and patient experts will be there to assist you. Next to standard hosting support, our company offers broad IT & digital support, as well as services tailored to help you build and grow your website or app.

Slide Looking for custom hosting solution? We cover broad range of hosting services, from regular shared web hosting, up to setting up a dedicated server or a VPS for you. We also offer gaming hosting services, as well as media streaming. Whatever the requirements, our team will be able to provide an adequate, affordable and stable solution. c p z m g b c
  • $ 30 YEARLY
    • Gate M
      • 1 domain
      • 1 GB SSD
      • 5 GB Transfer
      • 3 DBs
      • FTP access
  • $ 45 YEARLY
    • Gate L
      • 3 domains
      • 5 GB SSD
      • 50 GB Transfer
      • 10 SQL DBs
      • FTP access
      • SSH Access
  • $ 60 YEARLY
    • Gate XL
      • 10 domains
      • 20 GB SSD
      • 200 GB transfer
      • Unlimited DBs
      • FTP access
      • SSH access

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